Born and raised in Kansas. Lori moved to Summit County, Colorado in 2014 to be able to explore the beautiful high country and adventure the surrounding areas. She likes to be in nature, with easy access to hiking and snowboarding. Lori also enjoys putting her artistic creativity in any and every aspect of her time. She has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sustainability Studies from Colorado Mountain College. Her favorite sustainability goal is Social Equity; putting the people and especially the children in our community first while guiding them with the resources they need, which she believes is the most important step overall in sustainable development. Lori is excited to assist CASAcd along the way and be the best support system for the success of the organization.

Lori enjoys traveling and experiencing new places. She expresses her creativity through painting, drawing and crocheting with inspirations from nature. More recently she became intrigued with the idea of riding motorcycles, so she went through a course to obtain her license and purchased a new bike to explore around in the high country. 

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