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CASA of the Continental Divide's Mission:

CASA of the Continental Divide guides volunteer advocates who ensure a child’s safety, best interest and well-being are at the forefront of legal proceedings.

Become a Volunteer Advocate

CASA of the Continental Divide provides volunteer advocates for students who are struggling with school to the extent they end up in truancy court. Students in truancy court struggle with a wide variety of barriers to their education. Our goal is to find ways to reduce those barriers and create pathways to success.

We seek volunteer child advocates to support students in truancy court in Eagle County. An advocate in truancy will work with the child, their parent(s)/caregivers, the school, and other interested parties to help the student develop and follow a path to a successful future.

Most of the students we work with are in high school, a small number are in middle school. If we can help a student become motivated and self-determined in school this will have ripple effects into their work experience.

What is required?
Becoming a truancy child advocate requires 8 hours of training prior to being assigned a student to work with. Once a judge appoints CASA to a truancy case, we then assign a volunteer advocate. The advocate will build the truancy support team which creates a Truancy Action Plan that is signed by all parties and submitted to the judge. You will meet with the child on a weekly basis. This may include individual meetings or, child and parent(s)/care givers, child and school staff, counselors, teachers, coaches, etc. to determine progress in school. Once a month a written report is submitted to the judge prior to court.

Truancy court typically meets once a month. The child is present in court and speaks for themselves. The judge will ask for input from the other interested parties who are present. Once it is determined that the student is on track, the judge may close the case. At this time, the volunteer advocate will continue with less frequent meetings with the student to let them know we are still available and that we care about their future. This check in allows the volunteer advocate to detect if the student’s motivation is waning and to help them keep on track.

Average time commitment: 10 hours per month.

Volunteer now
To learn more about becoming a truancy volunteer advocate, please fill out this form and a CASA representative will contact you. Or contact Janine Mariani, CASACD’s Co-Executive Director of Programs at

Truancy Volunteer Advocate Training is three 2.5 hour sessions that run on a cyclical basis.

Land Acknowledgment

CASA of the Continental Divide acknowledges we are located on the traditional and ancestral lands of the Southern Utes, Uncompahgre Utes, Northern/ White River Utes, and Cheyenne peoples past and present. We acknowledge 48 contemporary tribal nations are historically tied to the lands that make up the state of Colorado. In our daily lives, let us honor and respect those who stewarded the land through generations.

CASACD acknowledges this statement will evolve as we continue to learn the history of the land we occupy. 
We are in the process of educating ourselves about the atrocities that took place against indigenous peoples on this land.

We would be humbled by your feedback