September 2014 Newsletter


Open Cases That Need CASA’s

Clear Creek County:

Two boys ages 1 and 5. Placed in Longmont, CO

Lake County:

One male boy age 2. Placed in Leadville, CO

Optima Updates

Activity Logs – As you fill out your contact/activity logs on your cases, you will have fewer activity types to choose from. If you go to court or meet a family member other than the child, you can choose “collaterals contacted.” The same would be true for talking to a service provider. We hope this will simplify the process. Options are as follows:

  • Child Contact
    Collaterals Contacted
    Wrote Court Report

New Law Affects CASA Cases

SB 14-062 will become law as of August 6. In summary, it states that if parental rights are terminated, a 15 year old (or younger if part of a sibling group) can have parental rights reinstated if there is no adoption after 3 years (or less time if it is in the child’s best interest and with certain findings made.) If you have any questions about whether this affects your cases, please call the CASACD office.

Volunteer Supervision

Summit/Clear Creek County Volunteers:
CASA office- Conference room 101:

Monday September 8: 1pm-3pm
Wednesday September 17: 5pm-7pm

Eagle County Volunteers: Avon Library:

Tuesday September 9: 5pm-7pm
Wednesday September 24: 10am-12pm

Dillon CASA office room 101:

September 16 from 3-5pm

Leadville Post Office

September 17 from 11-1pm

*If these times don’t work for you, contact Hannah for more options!

If you need access to commonly used CASA forms or templates, use our public file for CASA.