The CASA Mission

CASA of the Continental Divide guides volunteer advocates who ensure a child’s safety, best interest and well-being are at the forefront of legal proceedings.

Our Board of Directors

Karmen Serbinski


"The mission of CASACD and the vital roles they play in a vulnerable child’s life are the reasons I’m compelled to engage in this incredible organization. CASACD gives a voice to children when they need it most. This work is critical and provides pathways to safety and stability.”

Micayla Bellamy


"I was a recipient of CASA services. As a youth "in the system," it's challenging to feel like you have a voice in the things that happen to you. My CASAs helped me feel heard. I want to play a part in supporting other youth like me.“

Laurie Cruz


"As a pediatrician, I am an advocate for children. Those who have been harmed are at risk for physical as well as emotional problems. Having regular contact with a supportive adult can lessen the long-term effects of these traumas. I am thrilled to be on the board of CASACD to help provide well-trained adult volunteers to serve this crucial role.”

Paloma Hammond

Board Member

"When I heard about CASA and its essential work, I knew I wanted to be involved in any capacity with this organization, mainly because of my childhood experience. So many of us, as volunteers or board members, do this type of work, and we will continue to do this work because our biggest reward is safeguarding the kids we work with and ensuring they no longer have to go through abuse or neglect. Last year, I worked with a single mom and her five kids. I saw my mom in her, and I understood what most Latinx parents have to endure to provide for their families. It is not easy, and most of the time is heartbreaking. Due to CASA’s mission and outstanding volunteers, many families remain together and learn tools that benefit the children’s well-being. For example, we connected the family with local resources to help with rent and food. Still, the success is knowing that the children are safe and cared for and that they live with a mother who loves them unconditionally. CASA is about this, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Leslie Hoffman

Board Member

"I am very happy and proud to be part of the CASA volunteer program. By joining the board, I hope to expand my contribution to the kids and the communities we serve."

Dacia Kelly

Board Member

"Children need to have a trusted adult in their lives.  CASA helps connect the children in our communities with a trusted adult at times when they might need it most.  I'm grateful to be able to support the work that allows these connections to happen."